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Septic Tank Effluent Pump (STEP) system- Most houses in our neighborhood have a hybrid sewer system where we have a septic tank but instead of a leach field, the effluent is pumped to a treatment center.  For this system, Placer county is responsible for all components including the pumps within your septic tank. During a power outage, cation must be used to not cause system backups.  Placer county has a few words on this.  Here is a section from Volume 3 Placer County Sewer Maintenance District 1 (SMD 1) North Auburn Sewer System Management Plan

Most sewer systems are constructed with gravity sewers, where sewage flows down a sewer pipe by gravity with the pipeline sloped downhill toward the wastewater treatment plant. Four inch pipe is the minimum diameter of gravity sewer pipe used for servicing properties and six inch pipe is used for collector sewer in the street. If gravity sewer is not feasible, a sewage pump station is constructed to pump sewage in a pressure pipe to the top of the hill where it again flows by gravity downhill.
Placer County SMD 1 uses low pressure sewer in portions of the District that cannot accommodate gravity sewer flow. The sewer system utilizes a pressure pipe as small as two inch diameter that is able to go up or down hill. Each structure connected to the low pressure sewer has a septic tank that can remove solids and grease from the wastewater and pumps the remaining water into the low pressure sewer. Each pump is strong enough to pump the water to the end of the low pressure pipe. The unit at each structure is called a Septic Tank Effluent Pump (STEP) unit and is maintained for the property owner by the District. As of July 1, 2014, the District maintains 372 STEP units.

Waste disposal -Recology services our community with pickup on Wednesday mornings. Also check their website for hazard waste disposal.

  • Transfer station- for local debris drop off, expensive for heavy loads. 12305 Shale Ridge Road, Auburn, CA 95602
  • Main Landfill- Heavy or large objects can be dropped off here. It's cheaper that the transfer station but you have to drive further.

Burn days and Chipper program- To help mitigate combustible materials on our property, Placer county assists in its disposal. In addition in placing it in a green waste can for Recology to pick up, it can be dropped off at either the transfer station or land fill (for a fee) or disposed of by chipping or burning.  Placer county has a chipper program were they subsidize the cost. Details can be obtained here. If you want to burn it, you must first obtain a permit and then confirm it is a permitted burn day (we are 'Western Placer County'). More information on what may be burned, can be found here.

Alerts - All public safety agencies in Placer, Sacramento, and Yolo counties have partnered to alert residents about emergency events and other important public safety information.  You can register to be notified here.  You can also sign up for PG&E  Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) outage alerts here.