After two years of ongoing design and modifications, the final mail kiosk project plans were completed and approved by the Board of Directors and a contract awarded to KP Martin on March 8, 2018. On September 28, 2018, the project was completed.

Mail Kiosk Large 865x420

The old kiosk was dilapidated and was becoming a hazard. the new Kiosk was an improvement by:

  • All mail and parcel boxes in a SINGLE ROW for easy access
  • Larger roof for improved weather protection
  • Added LED lightingG for nighttime access and safety
  • A drop box and bulletin now at accessible levels
  • Landscape modifications and driveway resurfacing to improve appearance and reduce maintenance
  • All materials selected for architectural compatibility and long life (est. 40-50 years) with minimal maintenance.

Why are the steel poles so far from the kiosk?
The safety bollards (steel crash-prevention poles) are positioned away from the main cement pad directly under each corner of the kiosk roof. This is done
as a safety measure to prevent a tall vehicle, such as a "raked" truck or RV, from crashing into and damaging the roof.

Why was the driveway not widened?
The old kiosk structure was originally built without County permits and in direct violation of road set-back requirements. it was also severely deficient per American Disability Act (ADA) standards, such as uneven (multi-level) box access, severely restricted access to rear-side parcel boxes, etc. In order to bring the new kiosk in compliance with County standards, we petition for, and received, a variance that allowed us to maintain its current overall position from the road, but with no additional major site changes. Widening the road would require a new variance request and potentially cause the County to demand a total redesign/relocation of the entire kiosk structure, at great additional cost to us.

Why did it take so long to complete?
The Placer County permitting, variance and inspection process, along with the PG&E electrical project design and installation, took the majority of time. Our contractor quoted 90 days to completion starting June 7 and he is on target, with the exception of the last-minute addition of County-required safety railings.