Saddleback Board Meeting

HOA Events
Tuesday Sep 28, 2021 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
3340 Blue Grass Dr, Auburn, CA 95602, USA


TentativeAgenda for Sept 28, 2021

1.   OPENING – call to order by Brandon Brook, President

2.   ROLL CALL – Ben Troxell, Secretary

3.   LAST BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Ben Troxell, Secretary; reading,revision and approval

4.   PRESIDENT's REPORT – Brandon Brooke

5.   TREASURER’s REPORT – Laura Bishop, Treasurer

a.    Current report

6.    ARCHITECTURALREPORT – Jim Aumond, Committee Leader


a.    Discuss moving forward with the updating of the CC&Rs -Brandon Brooke

b.    Status of street lights on Shannon Ln - Laura Bishop

c.    Status of camera at mail kiosk - Brandon Brooke


a.    Policy declarations – We have implemented the following newpolicies to assist in managing the HOA and its finances:

                                                      i.     EBMC shall onlyaccept reimbursement requests from a current Saddleback HOA Director.  Anyauthorized expenditures incurred by persons other than a current HOA Director,must be approved and submitted to EBMC by a current HOA Director. EBMC shall payno expenses submitted by any person other than a current Saddleback HOADirector.

                                                    ii.     All reimbursementrequests submissions to EBMC for subscriptions and expenses over $200 must beapproved by 2 current Saddleback HOA Directors (submitter qualifies as one).

                                                   iii.     EBMC shall deferall member inquiries (other than inquiries concerning the member’s privateaccount) to a current Saddleback HOA Director. EBMC shall ignore all directionfrom members except that which comes from a current Director.

                                                 iv.     No privateproperty usage will be reimbursed unless approved by another Director prior toits usage.